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"We give life to cars you see in chewing gum stickers!!!"

Who We Are?

"Cars, my childhood love..."


I was become the tail of my father, used to every where he goes, seeking for an opportunity to sit on the driver seat. He struggled to make me a good driver. At the end, I was on the driver seat of 1210 Ford truck. Despite the good statement on school, I have tasted the smell of cars on workshops, I was in love of business. Finally, despite of all the objections of my family, I got the sandpaper and dived into the adventure which brought us today...

My master was a very talented and skilled artisan. He made me exhausted, but I could not realize that time, the whole things for my own good. After 3 years painting training, I decided to stand on my own. Took my left and started to paint and do body work of cars which my father used to buy and sell.

Just after I got my driving license, I spent all the pocket money, which I got from my father and the work, on an Opel Ascona 2.0 1981. Military obligation gave a short break to this pleasure, on return, I got the opportunity to open my own garage and with my father's huge support.

Meanwhile, 3 wheeled motorcycles got my attention. After a hard work two and a half years, "Ekotrike" showed up.


The First Replica

One of my favorite friends introduced me someone and we started to a project which will make this new man's dream come true. A Porsche Speedster 356 replica.

A 150 bits of adult puzzle. In fact, everything was ok at the begining. I created a body from scracth in 4 months labouring work. The result was frustration. The new body was perfect but, he let me down on halfway, eventually, I was alone with my new creation. The most important thing was the gaining of new friends and prestige on industry.

Moved to new 100 m2 from old 50 m2 shop. I got the Ekotrike and Porsche Speedster 356 replica body as friends. I started to restore American cars on a request a shipowner who liked my work quality. I consummated his car by using my knowledge and advantages of environment on the industry.

Requests became much more as the car shown up among classic car collectioners. It was time to move to a bigger workshop and gain a team. Then I met my wife, when I saw her support, I thought to inscribe her name on roads, thus we gave the name ESgaraj (Erkan-Sevda).

We got lots of new projects when our works were appreciated. We gave life to cars which we see on chewing gum stickers.

After a specified time, we started 356 Speedster project due to production was on my mind everytime and we made a replica deservedly. This car added a new one to our existed references. Nevertheless, series production requires a huge budget, we became open to other new projects.

Then, Cobra project came. We started off as a team. After a long and hard time, thank God, we made it well.

Meanwhile, I moved up to a good leader, modelling, molding, polyester master from painter. Fortunately, I have a great team who thinks in my way, understand me very well and never compromising the quality of the work. We put our sign on good works with our bad and good experiences.

And eventually, we roll up one's sleeves to make our dreams come true. Today, we successed to make one of our dearest E30 M3 project. With the priceless support of my friends, collagues, my team, we are so near to finish this project perfectly...

M3 Body Kit

BMW E30 M3 Replika
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Our Projects


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